About Us

What do we do?

International Welding Technologies is a cutting edge manufacturer of capacitor discharge stud welding equipment and fasteners, while also stocking replacement parts to suit all other manufacturers’ CD and Arc stud welding equipment. We stock mild steel, stainless steel and aluminum fasteners (flanged, DIN, non-flanged) in UNC, UNF and metric sizes for immediate delivery.

LYNX4 Line of Equipment

The LYNX4 machines are like no other stud welding systems on the market. The unique design and state-of-the-art technology is the formula for portable, flexible and reliable machines. All of our equipment is backed up by a one-year parts and labor warranty and technical support via our 800 number.

Message from the President

IWT was founded on one principle–to provide technical excellence in the stud welding industry. While there are many companies that sell stud welding equipment in today’s market, only IWT backs up our equipment with the technical expertise of over one hundred years of stud welding experience. We meld stud welding technology with today’s fast-paced manufacturing industry. We are committed to providing “off-the-shelf” and special purpose equipment that fulfills our customer’s requirements and expectations. The failure of any equipment or fastener weld is unacceptable to us. Consequently, we will stand behind our equipment and fasteners 100% because it is our name that is on each piece of equipment we ship. We continually strive to offer superior welding equipment and develop state-of-the-art precision specialty purpose stud welders. Our reputation for getting the job done is unsurpassed. Stud welding is what we know, it is the only thing we do. We do it right!

Harold C. Wilkinson

President and CEO

Trade Shows

Visit International Welding Technologies, Inc. at up coming ISA, USSC, Metalform, NAEC and FabTech trade shows. Bring us your samples so we can demonstrate the difference between welding techniques and solve your manufacturing problems.

Stud Manufacturing

For International Welding Technologies, Inc. (IWT), precision manufacturing starts at the tooling stage. IWT’s professionals, with over 45 years of fastener design experience, start by developing unique tooling to precisely form the critical CD arc initiation tip. It is the control of this tip that is crucial to sturdy and repeatable weld quality. The tip and weld base design are more critical to weld timing, heat dissipation and reverse side marking than the equipment used to make the weld. Consequently, the tooling required to extrude a precision CD tip is designed to within one ten thousand of an inch. Furthermore, tip configuration is being continually improved to provide our customers with the best CD weld results (see insert below). IWT’s fasteners are produced exclusively from U.S. materials and are secured through reputable U.S. aluminum and steel suppliers. All certifications are maintained and furnished upon request. Quality U.S. materials yield a quality product. IWT maintains strict adherence to national and international fastener specifications. We currently produce fasteners to the ANSI and DIN standards. We maintain a stock of certified quality assurance instruments that are used to batch test each fastener lot. As such, our fasteners will meet or exceed Class 2A tolerances. Contrary to popular belief, premium fasteners do not come with a premium price. The goal at IWT is to produce the best fasteners at a reasonable cost. We are dedicated to reducing typical fastener OEM costs by passing on to the customer the saving that only a direct manufacturer can provide.