IWT Automatic Systems

International Welding Technologies, Inc. was originally started to produce automatic and special purposed stud welding systems for several Fortune 500 companies. From their design through installation, these systems are produced with the customer’s specific requirements in mind. Whether it is high strength welding to aerospace components, discrete hidden fasteners on decorative signage, or part of the assembly process in culinary components, IWT can develop a system tailor made to your application. Our LYNX welding power supplies are all automation ready!

IWT makes a number of auto-feed and manual load stud welding heads which can be incorporated onto fixed table-top systems, fully automated 2 and 3 axis CNCs, or six axis robots. For the capacitor discharge stud welding industry, IWT produces compact versions of our auto-feed contact and gap stud welding heads as well as bottom load and ram-feed gravity drop “percussion” weld heads. We also manufacture a drawn arc welding head with integrated shielding gas cup for short cycle welding. Our 14” stand alone vibratory feeder (UVF-14) integrates seamlessly with the LYNX welding power supplies and can be easily adapted to any other stud welding system.
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Examples of several custom automated stud welding systems