IWT Services


IWT has a full line of capacitor discharge, short cycle, and drawn arc rental equipment. These machines can be rented on a weekly or monthly basis. We will configure our rental fleet to your unique application. Whether you need an insulation pin welder for a quick duct-work job, a high power C.D. machine for attaching a cell antenna to a water tower; or, an arc system for concrete anchors we have the unit that will work for you. All our rentals are supplied complete with power supply, gun, cables and setup tools. We will set the rental up for your job and ensure it is tested before it leaves our facility so it will perform perfectly in the field for you. Please give us a call to discuss your application so we can determine the machine which best suits your needs.



Since the LYNX brand of stud welders are domestically produced at our main plant in New Jersey, we can provide rapid and complete service for all our equipment from this facility. We also have authorized service centers in Tennessee, Michigan, Wisconsin and Texas and internationally in Canada and Europe.
IWT can repair nearly every stud welding system on the market, including older models produced by KSM, OMARK, ERICO, Nelson and Proweld. Our in-house machine shop has the ability to make components that are obsolete and no longer available from these manufacturers’ stock. For many of the older models, we have the original repair manuals and schematics available from our vast library of stud welder documentation. Are you still using a KSM Powerbond or Nomark5? No problem, we have the ability to completely repair and upgrade these old hand-helds and production systems. Many times, we can retrofit newer technology/components in these older systems to bring them closer to today’s standard.
IWT has a complete array of commercially available diagnostic equipment as well as proprietary testing systems that we have developed for evaluating capacitors, circuit boards, and SCRs. Our technicians are also well versed in PLCs and circuit board level components. Normal turn-around on portable welder repair is 1 to 2 days after receipt of equipment. Many times we can offer same day service.
We stock a variety of weld connectors such and DINSE, CAMLOC, Amphenol, Hubble, and RusselStoll to repair all common connection issues.



Do you have an idea for a stud welding application? We can assist in bringing your idea from concept into production. We have assisted numerous Fortune 500 companies in saving time and money through the implementation of stud welding into their products. Often we can provide semi- or fully automatic systems to enhance your production process. Whether your requirement is a high strength weld on a jet engine, or invisible fasteners on decorative panels, we can design a fastener and welding system for your application.
IWT is also leading the way when it comes to advances in stud welding fasteners and equipment design. We have used our stud welding expertise to develop new cutting edge applications in welding titanium, Inconel and other exotics materials. We have developed a welding system for non-sacrificial titanium water tank anodes, armor plating for military vehicles, and copper heat dissipating molds. Our capacitor discharge technology has even been used to developed power supplies that can melt and form amorphous material, commonly known as glassy metals, for the California Institute of Technology. Click here to learn more about this innovative technology.



Whether you need a single ground stud welded or you would like IWT to handle your entire production welding, we are up to the task. IWT has two 3 axis CNCs which can be configured for contact or gap stud welding. These computer controlled positioning systems provide a level accuracy that is not possible with typical hand-held machines.
We initially work with you to determine the best stud welding technology. We will design, manufacture and stock the fasteners for your project. And, we will weld, clean and release finished parts as you require.
Our weld quality is often superior to that which can be achieved with hand held guns. Routine cross-sectioning of welds with our proprietary percussive stud welding technology shows virtually no porosity in the weld zone.
Our in-house inspection services include cross-sectioning and polishing, stereo microscopy, digital micro-photography with ability to measure weld defects, and pull testing. Certificates of inspection can be provided with test results.



IWT offers both in-house and on site stud welding training. Training typically includes hands-on demonstrations of stud welding techniques. We also provide instruction on what to look for in a good weld as well as how and when to conduct destructive and non-destructive testing. We utilize the principles found in the AWS welding handbook and also offer our own revolutionary welding techniques to your team. Allow IWT to set up your stud welding program and train your operators in the correct welding techniques.