IWT International Welding Technologies Philosophy

International Welding Technologies, Inc. was founded on one principle—to provide technical excellence in the stud welding industry. While there are many companies that sell stud welding equipment in today’s market, only IWT backs up our equipment with the technical expertise of over one hunded years of stud welding experience. We meld stud welding technology with today’s fast-paced manufacturing industry. We are committed to providing “off-the-shelf” and special purpose equipment that fulfills our customer’s requirements and expectations. The failure of any equipment or fastener weld is unacceptable to us. Consequently, we will stand behind our equipment and fasteners 100% because it is our name that is on each piece of equipment we ship. We continually strive to offer superior welding equipment and develop state-of-the-art precision specialty purpose stud welders. Our reputation for getting the job done is unsurpassed. Stud welding is what we know, it is the only thing we do. We do it right!