LZ-4 Switchbox


The IWT-LZ4 gun selector switch allows the user to attach 4 stud-welding guns to a single power supply.  This saves substantial setup time when different weld studs are needed to be welded quickly on the same part. This system utilizes a programmable logic controller (PLC) which recognizes the gun the operator is using, automatically disables the other guns, and safely welds with the gun that has been selected.  Most IWT guns are compatible with the IWT-LZ4 including the IWT-C1, IWT-C2, IWT-M1, and IWT-S1 contact guns.  The IWT-LZ4 is not suitable for gap welding.  The IWT-LZ4 can also be easily programmed to work with either IWT LYNX capacitor discharge or Fusion drawn arc systems.

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